What is a Sheepskin Bane Coat?

When the movie “Dark Knight Rises” came out, fans everywhere flocked to see it. Many agree that the movie did so well because it told a great story and had such strong characters throughout the movie. One of the most attention grabbing characters was the villain in the movie, Bane. His eerie voice drifting from his mouthpiece was both captivating and unnerving. But one of the most standout characteristics of his persona was a sheepskin coat he wore in an outdoor scene. After the movie, many consumers wanted to purchase lookalikes.

The coat most resembles a three-quarter length style men’s coat. Sheepskin is a great material to use as it holds up well over time. You can easily go to a custom furrier or seamstress to construct a sheepskin coat out of shearling, or buy one already made from numerous retailers. In order to make sure you are purchasing a piece of high quality, do your research and buy from a company that has been a while, and has strong reviews and references. This is a statement piece that you will likely keep for a while, so buy it from someone who takes care in what they do.

Even though this purchase may be spurred by the movie, the coat should still be functional as well. If you are buying a coat that’s already been made by a retailer, make sure it has ample pocket space to fit the belongings you carry with you on a regular basis. Pick dimensions that work well with your body type and the style of the coat, but make sure they have enough volume to meet your needs. If you are creating a custom piece, consult with your designer and determine what look and feel you want, as well as any special additions you’d like for this coat.

Once you have functionality taken care of, have fun with it. Make sure whatever you choose has elements that mimic the ones you loved most from the one Tom Hardy wore in the movie. This is meant to be a fun purchase that captures a moment in time. Work with a retailer or designer that pays attention to detail and can get as close to the original design as you want. Many people worldwide became fans of the garment, and the great thing about is you have the ability to copy it closely or make it all your own. To purchase your own sheepskin coat, check out the selection at Aspen Fashions today.

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